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For those of you who are already familiar with, following are a few notes

explaining what has changed (apart from the obvious new design):

 Video Store - For non members who wish to view some of our videos; each video runs for approx. 20 minutes, some for up to 27 minutes.

     When you make a purchase of video/s you will receive an email with a link to the downloads page and the information on how to stream or download your video/s. 

If you have any problems or questions with this process (or anything else) please email to:

Once you make a purchase, your pass details will then be available for three days. If you overrun the three day period please email us as above.

. and have merged into one site -
    All of the pictures and videos which were originally on have been combined and are therefore now available on this website in the members' area.
.   The membership costs have changed. We used to charge $34.95 to have access to the images and videos on both sites, the membership fee for access to that material on this site will now be $26.95 per month. Those existing members who were paying $34.95 will in future be charged $26.95. Those who are members of only OR will not be charged an increase (unless of course you leave then rejoin).  
.   All of our videos were originally in WMV format. This format is no longer supported by most browsers and so now ALL videos are in MP4 format, which will ensure that our videos are able to be viewed across all platforms.
.   The website and its contents have been dragged into the 21st century and are now available on android and Apple iOS devices (mobile phones / tablets etc.) as well as desktop Pcs.
.    In the dark ages, disk space and processing speed were restrictive which is why, although our videos     have always been of good quality, they have always been presented in Standard definition. Fortunately, the original footage was shot in HD on television standard cameras and therefore we are now able re edit all of our videos into HD format. That process has already begun and will continue on a daily basis until all videos are in HD (all new videos will be in HD).
.    We have moved the website to a new server which has more than 10 times the speed and capacity of the old.
.   Passwords; when you subscribe to, your pass details and all email correspondence will be now be handled by the credit card processor of your choice (Either Ccbill or Zombaio).


.   This is one of the few independent adult websites remaining on the internet. The nature of our material is predominantly aimed at the lovers of erotic Mature ladies displaying their charms. However, whilst most of our material falls within the"exclusive solo mature" niche, we will strive to offer uniqueness and diversity. Therefore, from time to time we will bring you material which we consider our members will enjoy, but may not be strictly within the "exclusive solo mature" boundaries.

    E.g. we will from time to time bring you images and video of "Trainee Milfs", 3rd party
 material (Including some vintage and user submitted erotica), and non solo material which we consider to have something special and erotic about them. 

    We always welcome feedback and suggestions to help improve the website.            Please be aware that over 95% of the adult material on the internet is      hardcore. Whilst we have nothing against hardcore porn, if that is what you are      looking for then is probably not for you. Please look at our free preview page before joining.  

As you will no doubt be aware, there are many mega rich tube sites out there these days which often display material from websites such as this, for free (although they are always extremely low quality compressed versions of our own videos, and they bombard you relentlessly with ads and redirections). Hopefully, with your support, we will be able to survive the onslaught of stolen material being offered for free, although many quality adult producers have already gone out of business and this trend continues. The future of the online adult industry is in the hands of the web surfer not the web master.

Updates: Whilst we have a massive and unique collection of pictures and videos, exclusive to Mature-Erotic subscribers, our updates facilities are currently being worked on. 
PASSWORDS: If you have subscribed and have not received your pass details email - Please always check your spam folder - This resolves more than 99% of passwords not received issues !

CONTACT  :   IMPORTANT:  Please use the following email address, for all issues, until further notice:

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